Critical Incidence Debriefing

A Vital Resource When Time Is Of The Essence
Empowering Recovery and Resilience

Critical Incident Debriefing, or CID, is a vital process designed to facilitate psychological recovery and resilience in the aftermath of personal and major disasters. At Bhavna Raithatha Consultancy, we understand the crucial role that CID plays, particularly when it is conducted in a timely manner, often within 24-48 hours following a traumatic incident.

Why CID Matters:

CID is essential because it provides a structured and supportive environment for those affected by traumatic events. When conducted promptly, CID serves several key purposes:

1. Emotional Processing: CID allows individuals to express their thoughts, feelings, and reactions to traumatic events when they are most immediate, helping them make sense of their experiences.

2. Normalisation: By sharing their experiences in a group setting shortly after the incident, participants often realise that their reactions are typical responses to trauma, reducing feelings of isolation, self-blame and shame.

3. Preventing Long-Term Effects: Timely CID interventions can help prevent the development of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other long-term psychological issues by addressing initial distress promptly and offering psycho-educational intervention.

Who Can Benefit:

CID is for a wide range of individuals, including survivors, emergency responders, and communities affected by various types of disasters. My extensive experience at Bhavna Raithatha Consultancy includes helping people, including survivors of the London Bombings, family of victims of 9/11 and survivors of the Rwandan Genocide and others from around the world who have faced unimaginable challenges, providing them with the support they need when it matters most.

International Reach:

My work transcends borders, extending support to individuals globally who have experienced the most harrowing circumstances. This international perspective enriches my ability to provide culturally sensitive and effective CID, empowering survivors and responders to heal, recover, and rebuild their lives.

At Bhavna Raithatha Consultancy, we remain dedicated to mitigating the profound impact of CID, especially when conducted promptly within the critical window of 24-48 hours, fostering resilience, and promoting emotional recovery in the face of personal and major disasters. Join us in this crucial journey of healing and empowerment, knowing that timely intervention can make a significant difference in your path to recovery.