Here's what our customers say:

I completed hybrid coaching sessions with a goal to explore my future ambitions whilst understanding the limiting beliefs I held.

I didn't know that it would be possible to arrive at a point of dissipating triggering memories that I held. We worked through exercises that provided a safe way to explore formative experiences throughout my life, both the positive and negative! This allowed me to understand deeply the path that I've taken to arrive at this point in my life. Bhavna encouraged me to journal with increased frequency throughout the course of our sessions to help process the heavy emotions between each session. Journalling is something I continue to do on a regular basis to provide a safe space where I feel I can comfortably sit with myself and work through how I'm feeling.

I knew when I went into the first session that there would be some challenging work up ahead. What I didn't expect was that it is possible to arrive at this point of clarity, understanding and acceptance of myself.

Thank you Bhavna for existing, sharing your voice and for creating a space for people like me to explore safely.


Bhavna did a fabulous session with a group of people on retreat at The Crag, Cornwall.

The communication beforehand could not be faulted, as she talked through what type of session I wanted her to deliver.
All of the group, without exception had paradigm shifts and the laughter coming from the library whilst I was prepping lunch made me envious I wasn't part of the group.

I would recommend Bhavna without hesitation.

-Kate Bickford -
The Crag, Cornwall.

Bhavna was a speaker in our members club and is incredible!

She has the unique ability to connect with her audience through her candor and thoughtfulness. Her passion for living a life on your own terms, breaking societal norms & overcoming challenges is obvious and her enthusiasm is contagious.

Bhavna’s talent to engage her listeners comes from her ability to bring stories to life. She is able to connect by telling engaging anecdotes about her own experiences. The stories she weaves are captivating, inspiring and teach her audiences valuable lessons.

She is able to remain calm and collected while thoughtfully responding with insight and clarity to questions.

The combination of these qualities makes Bhavna a great speaker and an invaluable asset in any business or organisation that would benefit from her wisdom.

-Rupinder Kaur -
Asian Women Mean Business

My husband was diagnosed with PTSD earlier this year and he was not seeing any progress with the NHS councillor assigned to him. I asked Bhavna if she could see him as a client, within 3 weeks of seeing Bhavna weekly I could see a difference. After 12 counselling sessions I now have my husband back and he is able to return to work. There is still some way to go but he is heading in the right direction. Thank you Bhavna


Here's what even more of our customers say

Wow!!! It's the only way to describe the most humbling, authentic experience of hearing Bhavna's story. Bhavna has a way of connecting with her audience and leaves you feeling so many different emotions as she shares her story, with humility, kindness, respect and passion.
Having the courage to stand true to yourself, with grit, compassion and understanding, is so inspiring, and I would highly recommend Bhavna as a speaker that will engage an audience in the most enigmatic way.


Bhavna helped me at a difficult time and I found my session with her incredibly helpful. She’s so easy to talk to and someone who you feel understands you instantly. She asked questions I hadn’t thought about and also gave me a lot of motivation and uplift and made me see things in a different way where my problems were not as complicated as I was making them out to be in my head.

I highly recommend Bhavna. She’s excellent.


Bhavna has been an absolute godsend! I can’t recommend her enough!
I was losing hope in therapy as unfortunately with previous therapists I didn’t really find a true connection nor real impact from therapy.
Bhavna has been the complete opposite! She has worked with me to focus and develop on the most meaningful and impactful parts of my life.
The therapy worked at a much deeper level than with prior therapists because Bhavna has a significant understanding of my culture and relationship dynamics within the family which I was able to identify through our work.
It made me recognise my role in what was going on and helped me realise how it impacted my life and she gave me the tools to make different choices and advocate for myself.
She has shown genuine interest in and care for my life and happiness.
Honestly, working with her has felt extremely raw and real but also left me feeling ‘light’ and understood.
Bhavna has offered me excellent resources throughout our sessions, these ranging from books to read, videos to watch, and personal actions when faced with situations.
Finishing therapy with her has left me with a genuine feeling of accomplishment and clarity, I feel better prepared for the trials and tribulations of life.
Her contact details will always stay in my favourites and I wouldn’t trust anyone else to work with me for any future therapy I may need.
And to finish, words genuinely could never express how grateful I am for you Bhavna and the blessing that you are… Thank you.